Crowfall Disciplines
Adjudicator An Adjudicator is often synonymous with a mediator or judge and most associated with the Church of Arkon. The importance of banishing sin with fire is the truest form of retribution against the guilty and can only be performed by the most devote of disciples. major Blunt Weapon Training
Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateurs are sneaky, well-hidden, and difficult to track. Sometimes they drop caltrops, sometimes they prefer a stink bomb, but no matter the method of deceit the intent is always done with mischief and stealth in mind. major Stealther
Alchemist Recipes Granted: All Potions Advanced Toxins Grind Resource: Bulk Philosopher's Solution & Stone Transmutations Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Ambrosia Empty Flask major Eternal Crow
    Apothecary Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Ambrosia Empty Flask minor Alchemist
    Arcane Archer The Arcane Archer is one of the most deadly of mystical manipulators. Harnessing the power of the elements allows the archer to root their enemies while also creating protective barriers and enhancing their quickness with an unrivaled adroitness. major Archery Practice
    Armor of Faith The Book of Justice is often the only armor a follower of Arkon carries. minor Eternal Crow
    Armorsmith Temporary Additive Slots: Grants Specialty Seal additive slot for Armor recipes. Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Metal Plates Metal Rings Metal Scales Metal Sheet minor Blacksmith
    Attention to Detail A very particular set of skills. minor Eternal Crow
    Banshee An ambassador of death, The Banshee is most known for a distinguished wail that can induce fear and paralysis. A haunting presence and the ability to conjure a ghostly army combine to make the Banshee a truy terrifying angel of death. major Eternal Crow
    Bard Bards are quick to jump in with a motivating song or a tune that is sweet and spiriting. The knowledge behind the power of song is a key element; music can provide a restorative feeling and can guard even the weariest of spirits. The importance of an encore is also truly unique to a bard - always leave them wanting more... major Eternal Crow
    Black Mask Black Masks are masters of disguise. Despite the rumors, they are not a group of heartless and evil killers, but rather cunning and sly assassins. They are employed by all that request their blade, even those who seek revenge from previous errands. major Dagger Proficiency
    Blacksmith Recipes Granted: Advanced Armor Componets Advanced Mail Armor Advanced Plate Armor Advanced Weapons Advanced Weapon Components Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Metal Bar major Eternal Crow
      Blade Master The blade takes shape in many forms - swords, daggers, and knives - all of which are quite lethal. Blade Masters often seek prayer with Maeve, The Goddess of War, and are quick to force their enemies to pay a toll with their blood. Whether it is a backstab, a sword fight, or the toss of a knife, the blade craves the blood of the enemy as much as the wielder craves victory. major Bladed Weapon Training
      Blood Pact Quid pro quo. minor Daywalker
      Builder Temporary Additive Slots: Grants Chaos Ember additive slot for Diamond Cutting Blade. Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Diamond Cutting Blade Grinding Wheel Polishing Paste minor Stonemason
      Burning Hatred For generations the Fae have purged males of their species in the service of the greater good. Mothers cling to this belief as they administer The Farewell Kiss, and yet there are those who don't believe. Some other reason compels them. minor Eternal Crow
      Careless Whisper "There's no comfort in the truth, Pain is all you'll find."\n-Human Bard minor Mark of Faith
      Centaur Valkyn took the best of talents – language, wit, elegance, strength, agility – and he vested them in a single creature. He called this noble creature the Centaur and placed it above the lesser beasts, to use or rule as he might see fit. race
      Connoisseur Some may consider the Connoisseur to be a rather persnickety personality to deal with, but anyone who prefers the finer things in life will mention that the trade in for a bit of extra work pays off greatly. A distinguished partiality can help differentiate between qualities and may also grant even greater rewards. exploration Eternal Crow
      Demon's Pact Demons usually deal in souls, this one takes slots. minor Eternal Crow
        Dig In! Stay strong and make them wonder how you're still standing. minor Eternal Crow
        Dryad Arboreal energy exists in ways that can only be harnessed by the most insightful of nature enthusiasts. Utilizing the power of the trees assists with quick healing efforts that cannot be surpassed. Dryads are quite in tune with nature and are quick to offer a helpful blast of leaves to the face. major Gaea's Inspiration
        Elken Silent and brooding, the Elken speak mostly through gestures. They apparently keep no memory of the men they once were, but retain their intellect and, of course, their love of the hunt. race
        Elven Eyes Why do I feel like I'm being watched? minor Eternal Crow
          Eminently Punchable Minotaurs demonstrate combat prowess through headbutting each other with enough force to knock each other off their feet. This of course enrages them, which leads to more headbutting, which enrages them even further, and so on. minor Daywalker
          Escape Artist Escapology is an artform that is still shrouded in mystery. An escapologist will quickly learn the ability to break free from mobility limitations, allowing avoidance of even the most obnoxious of crowd control methods. While it may seem easy to the escapist, onlookers and enemies will beg to know the secrets of escape; but a magician never reveals their methods. major Eternal Crow
          Expansive Mind "You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions, not his memory." minor Eternal Crow
            Explosive Thorns There are very few problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of explosive thorns. minor Eternal Crow
            Fae Once a playful and joyous folk, the Fae have developed an interesting method of population control many do not understand. race
            Fashion Statement Does not stack with any other bonus Amulet slot. minor Eternal Crow
              Field Surgeon Field Surgeons are the first to act in the event of a combat disaster. Quick to rescue, triage, and rehabilitate, these selfless Field Surgeons are your one-stop shop for quick remedies to get you back into the action. Disclaimer, use as directed and be sure to follow up with a real physician. Satisfaction is not guaranteed and once payment has been processed there are no refunds. major Eternal Crow
              Finish Him! The Church of Arkon is said to have flawless methods of finishing their enemies. minor Executioner
              Force Mage A branch of magic specializing in the manipulation of kinetic energy, Force Mages wield physical forces to both protect themselves and to defeat their enemies. Force fields and impulses are easy things for them but that's not all. They can also use their power to augment their physical strength and seem much stronger than normal. Although capable of summoning forces with surgical precision they are sometimes savagely indiscriminate with their power. major Eternal Crow
              Foreman Organizing and leading a group can be a tricky duty, but when all the members fall into place a truly efficient unit is formed. The more forces engaged in the effort can expose weakness more frequently and at a faster pace. exploration Eternal Crow
              Found Resources Many experience bad luck that is associated with enormous winnings; this is oft to be thought of as the law of found resources at work. minor Stealther
              Friar Friars of the Church of Arkon provide the community with a unique service that no other can provide. Friars willingly listen and pardon the sins of the people with an undaunting zeal; no sin is too great, for they have heard them all and they are eager to hear more. Their unyielding dedication to their trade provides many in their company with benefits in health and the avoidance of sin while also providing the Friars with a few extra perks. major Eternal Crow
              Furious "Until you learn to master your rage, your rage will become your master."\n-Champion Instructor minor Champion
              Gemologist Reduced Recipe Resource Costs: Necklace Bail Necklace Chain Ring Band Ring Setting minor Jewelcrafter
              Glass Cannon ''Makes no sense. At all."\n-Everyone Ever minor Eternal Crow
              Grave Digger Often associated with the macabre due to the nature of the work, grave digging is a trade not for those with delicate sensibilities. Surrounded by death and shrouded in darkness, the grave digger plucks from the remains the necessary components to create new life. exploration Eternal Crow
              Guinecean By legend, the Guineceans were transformed from their animal forefathers into sentient creatures by Gaea, the Earth Mother, at her moment death. race
              Half-Elf A loose-knit collection of outcasts bound together by their mixed blood and their exclusion from pure-blood society. race
              Half-Giant Little is known of their true origin. If they hailed from a single world, the name is long forgotten. race
              Hand of Glory Does not stack with any other bonus Ring slot. minor Eternal Crow
                Helper Monkey PRAY…FOR…MOJO. minor Eternal Crow
                High-Elf It is said they convinced Malekai to teach them the language of the gods, the Songs of Creation and the Words of Power. In doing so, they gained mastery over the elements of fire and frost. race
                Hoarder Hoarders have a way of finding more room to keep their newly-acquired treasures without having to part with any of their old goods. Rearranging and restacking are some of the tasks a hoarder may have to deal with frequently, but it is a labor of love. exploration Eternal Crow
                Holy Avenger Tapping into your motivation and channeling it into your current situation is key; no one else is as in tune with their surroundings as that of the Holy Avenger. The opposition may consider you a scene-stealing hack but you know your methods are superior to others. Always remember the battle chant of your brethren: never give up, never surrender! major Blunt Weapon Training
                Human The youngest children of Arkon, Prince of Light, and Gaea the Earth Mother. race
                Illusionist An Illusionist alters the perception of those within their proximity, which allows for easier deception and confusion. With the assistance of a magic weapon and the finest of accoutrements, an Illusionist maintains a dapper appearance while also being a worthy adversary in combat. major Eternal Crow