Adjudicator major Discipline



Attack Power +75
Critical Damage 5%


Powers Granted

Adjudicate Attack: Inflict Holy damage
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 9 Targeting Type Cone Max Targets 1 Range 6 Adjudicate smashes an enemy for 133 + 133% Holy Weapon Damage.
Rupture Barrier Passive: Increase Damage vs Barriers; Gain Resource
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Rupture Barrier causes an additional 50% Weapon damage when striking a Barrier and restore your Resource.
An Adjudicator is often synonymous with a mediator or judge and most associated with the Church of the Sun. The importance of banishing sin with fire is the truest form of retribution against the guilty and can only be performed by the most devote of disciples.
I am a servant to the Light. I will cast those who wallow in sin out of the darkness. I am judge, jury, and executioner. -The Judge