Arcane Archer major Discipline



Ranged Distance Bonus
Movement Speed Damage Bonus 5%


Powers Granted

Arcane Arrow Attack: Applies Armor Break to enemies in its path
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 24 Targeting Type Ray Max Targets 5 Range 35 Arcane Arrow launches an Arcane Arrow where you aim, dealing 91 + 91% Weapon Damage to up to 5 enemies in it's path and applies an elemental break to enemies it hits.
Arcane Barrier Gain a Barrier, and Elemental Barrier Resistance
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Targeting Type Self Arcane Barrier protects you with a Barrier preventing up to 2500 Elemental damage or 500 damage of other types.

Slots Granted


Traits Granted

Elemental Arrows
Quiver Proficiency
Recurve Bow Proficiency
Spellbound Bow Proficiency
The Arcane Archer is one of the most deadly mystical manipulators. Harnessing the power of the elements allows the archer fantastical powers that are feared by enemies and envied by other bow-users.
With my arrows I rain the elements down upon my enemy, prolonging their agony. -Blindeye the Archer