Arkon's Disciple major Discipline



Critical Damage 5%
Fire Damage Bonus 2%


Powers Granted

Arkon's Fury Attack: Applies Major Burning to target
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Targeting Type Rectangle Max Targets 1 Range 25 Arkon's Fury unleashes Arkon's Fury on a target dealing 133 damage and applying Major Burning DoT to them.
Fiery Brand Passive: Chance to elemental break when dealing Fire damage
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Fiery Brand gives a chance to apply an Elemental Break to your target when you hit with any Fire Damage.
Although membership in the Church of the Sun is not required for those interested in worshipping Arkon, certainly the most fanatical and zealous of his followers find their way there.
In the name of the Lord of the Dawn, my blade will strike true. -Son of Arkon