Black Mask major Discipline



Stealth +10
Damage Bonus: Enemy High Health 5%


Powers Granted

Call Darkness All Attacks Count as From Behind
Cast Time Instant Targeting Type Self Max Targets 1 Buff Power Damage Bonus: Behind: 15% Call Darkness causes all attacks to count as if performed from behind the target and increases your Power Damage Bonus: Behind by 15%% with the duration of the power scaling with amount of Pips spent. 1 Pip: 6 seconds 2 Pips: 8 seconds 3 Pips: 10 seconds 4 Pips: 12 seconds 5 Pips: 14 seconds
Study Target Passive: Damage Bonus increased during stealth.
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Damage Bonus: 10% Study Target grants a Damage Bonus of 10% to abilities used in stealth and the first attack when exiting stealth against your target.
Black Masks are masters of disguise. Despite the rumors, they are not a group of heartless and evil killers, but rather cunning and sly assassins. They are employed by all that request their blade, even those who seek revenge from previous errands.
We are the Hands of Fate. Our blades carve the channels which shape the river of Time. We are the true voice of Justice.\-Book of the Third Light