Blade Dancer major Discipline



Armor Penetration: Slashing 2%
Critical Damage 5%


Powers Granted

Slashing Grace Buff: Increases group Slashing Penetration
Cast Time Instant Targeting Type Group Max Targets 5 Range 50 Slashing Grace enhances group members and you increasing Slashing penetration for 30 seconds.
Blood Price Passive: Spawn Healing Orbs; Attack Power
Cast Time Passive Duration 60 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Attack Power: +100 Blood Price extracts Blood Orbs from enemies as you perform melee attacks. Picking up Blood Orbs heals you for 63 + 28% Support Power and increases your Attack Power by 100 for 30 seconds. Blood orbs can only spawn once every 5 seconds.
The Blade Dancer combines precision and agility with the finesse of a practiced blade-wielder to make a truly deadly foe. While not always truly dancers in practice, their grace is enough to evoke the same imagery.
One, two, three, four: turn, step, ball-change, reverse and slice.