Blood Feeder major Discipline



Critical Strike 2%
Damage Bonus: Enemy High Health 5%


Powers Granted

Bite Attack: Applies Bleed
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 9 Targeting Type Reticle Max Targets 1 Range 6 Bite causes your target to suffer 133 + 133% Weapon Damage and applies a Bleed to them.
Tasty Passive: Grants Lifesteal when attacking bleeding targets.
Cast Time Passive Duration 10 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Lifesteal: 10% Tasty grants a Lifesteal of 10% for 10 seconds seconds when you attack a bleeding target. This cannot trigger more than once every 15 seconds.
Blood is life force, a fact which makes any creature that consumes it especially horrific. The Blood Feeder goes directly against the cultural mores of most societies, eliciting such a reaction from good citizens that Blood Feeders are often driven to hide their existence.
Ghosts aren't the only things that go bump in the night.