Bringer of Life major Discipline



Health +500
Support Power +150


Powers Granted

Fountain Of Life Ground Target Area: Healing
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 20 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Fountain Of Life creates a Fountain of Life at the targeted location chaining heals to nearby allies and lasting 15 seconds seconds or 30 heals.
Purify Removes group Blackmantle, Frostbite, Pulsing Damage Aura, and Disease
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Targeting Type Group Max Targets 5 Range 50 Purify removes all Blackmantle, Frostbite, Pulsing Damage Aura, and Disease from your group members.
The druidic followers of Gaea were scattered in the wake of her passing. The number of her followers dwindled so low that worship of Gaea almost went extinct. The Bringers of Life claim to have been some of the first to revive this worship with a renewed focus on healing.
We carry on where Gaea cannot. She was the Earth Mother and while we are but Her children, it is up to us to shoulder Her burdens. -Mother of the Herd