Cloisterer major Discipline


Health +500
Healing Bonus 3%


Powers Granted

Benediction Group increase Organic Resistance, Cooldown Reduction: Long
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Duration 30 seconds Targeting Type Group Max Targets 5 Buff Organic Resistance: +2500 Buff 2 Cooldown Reduction: Long: 10% Benediction blesses group members and you increasing Organic Resistance by 2500 and Cooldown Reduction: Long by 10%% for 30 seconds seconds.
Spite Passive: Regenerate when Stunned; Knocked Down; Blinded; Suppressed
Cast Time Passive Duration 5 seconds Targeting Type Self Spite recovers 5% Health per tick over 5 seconds seconds each time you suffer a Knockdown, Stun, Blind or Suppress.
When one dedicates themselves fully to a religious belief, they often take one of two paths: the proselytizers and the cloisterers. The latter look inward for devotion and divinity, and are often more robust because of their deep spiritual connections.
It is in silence and solitude we find our most true selves. -Nameless Monk