Barrier Bonus +100
Anti-Critical Strike 3%


Powers Granted

Hunker Down Field increases Damage, Healing, Resist All
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Self Range 1 Hunker Down deploys a small point-blank field increasing your Damage and Healing Bonus by $buff_amount_1$% and Resist All by $buff_amount_2$.
Courage Passive: Increases Lifesteal when a Barrier is placed on you.
Cast Time Passive Duration 10 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Lifesteal: 10% Courage increases your Lifesteal by 10% for 10 seconds seconds when a barrier is placed on you.
Every battalion, no matter how small, needs a Commander. These adept leaders help keep their soldiers safe with barrier bonuses and rally their forces with damage and mitigation bonuses.
The key to leadership is empathy. You are responsible for your subordiantes, you must know what makes them tick.