Armor Penetration: Fire 3%
Fire Resistance +300


Powers Granted

Prosecute Attack: Damage scales with Sin
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 9 Targeting Type Reticle Max Targets 1 Range 25 Prosecute convicts an enemy causing Fire damage based on their sin: 1 Sin or less: 138 + 138% Weapon Damage 2 Sin: 215 + 215% Weapon Damage 3 Sin: 298 + 298% Weapon Damage 4 Sin: 388 + 388% Weapon Damage 5 Sin: 485 + 485% Weapon Damage
Mortal Sin Passive: Targets Debuff Anti-Critical Strike
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Mortal Sin applies Mortal Sin instead of Sin decreasing the enemy's Anti-Critical Strike by 2% per stack. All powers requiring Sin benefit from Mortal Sin.
Though the Templars were originally founded as the military arm of the Church of the Sun, other orders have sprung up in recent years. Convictors are less prone to burning themselves, and know just how to use the sin of their enemies to their advantage.
Nothing—not the tallest trees nor the sharpest swords nor even the hardest stones—can withstand flames forever.