Corrupted Soul major Discipline



Ranged Distance Bonus
Attack Power +75


Powers Granted

Shrivel Attack: Blackmantle; Disease; Expose Punish
Cast Time Charged Cooldown 45 Targeting Type Ray Max Targets 1 Range 30 Shrivel curses an enemy with Disease and Blackmantle, absorbing up to 500 points of Healing. If Shrivel hits an Exposed enemy while they attack or use an ability, they are knocked down and take additional damage.
Soul Steal Attack: Deals damage to enemies in a field, returning health
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Range 35 Soul Steal deploys a field that causes 70 + 70% Weapon Damage to enemies in the area and applies a Soul Steal counter to them each second while in the field. When the counter reaches 5 you are healed for 40% of the damage dealt to them by the field.
Some may argue that there is a steady increase in wicked individuals the more the universe falls into ruin. While there are those that fight this notion, the Corrupted Soul succumbs, using their vile leanings to disease and damage any who oppose them.
Who are you to judge me? You don't know half of what I've done. -Hanged Man