Armor Penetration: Slashing 3%
Slashing Damage Bonus 2%


Powers Granted

Dazzling Blades Attack: Reduce Enemy Crit Hit Chance
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Cone Max Targets 5 Range 5 Buff Critical Strike: -40 Dazzling Blades disorients multiple enemies with an attack reducing their Critical Strike by -40 for 15 seconds seconds and inflicting 178 + 178% Weapon Damage.
Resolution Passive: Gain Damage when Enemies Near
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Damage Bonus: 10% Resolution increases your Damage Bonus by 10% when three or more enemies are within 15m.
Although there is certainly something to be said for admonishing the gaudy and flashy, the Dazzler manages to marry form and function into a useful, deadly, beautiful artform that is as stylish as it is effective.
Give 'em the ol— well, you know.