Deadly Infector major Discipline



Armor Penetration: Poison 3%
Armor Penetration: Piercing 3%


Powers Granted

Diffusion Attack: Damage scales with active poisons.
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 1 Targeting Type Reticle Max Targets 1 Range 6 Diffusion deals N/A + N/A% Weapon Damage to your target and increases Toxin Application Chance by $buff_amount_1$%. Damage scales with the number of poisons you have active.
Envenom Attack: Hits all enemies. Applies all poison buffs to you.
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 5 Targeting Type Self Envenom hits enemies around you for 84 + 84% Weapon Damage and unleashes your full salve of available poisons, applying all available poison buffs to you. Briefly reduces damage taken, removes Expose statuses and damage over time effects. This power can be used while suffering from Control Effects to escape and can be instantly Flash-Cast.
While the prevailing tactic of those who use poisons is precise, the Deadly Infector chooses to spread their toxins far and wide. They know the gaps in your armor and they will use every tool at their disposal to envenomate you.
Disease follows upon the wind of Yaga's breath.