Damage Bonus: Enemy High Health 5%
Attack Power +75


Powers Granted

Hunker Down Field increases Damage, Healing, Resist All
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Self Range 1 Hunker Down deploys a small point-blank field increasing your Damage and Healing Bonus by $buff_amount_1$% and Resist All by $buff_amount_2$.
Dig In Passive: Crit Defense on Low Health
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Dig In buffs Anti-Critical Strike by 100% for 15 seconds when you are hit while under 25% Health. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.
For some, the protection of others shines from them almost like a higher calling. The Defender is one such person. Bulwarks to the needy, bastions of defense to their troop, or just good friends, they offer much needed support and defense to those around them.
For you, I will give anything.