Barrier Bonus +100
Critical Damage 5%


Powers Granted

Aegis Of Salvation Attack: Adds Barrier and Heal
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 9 Targeting Type Cone Max Targets 1 Range 6 Aegis Of Salvation attacks causing 82 + 82% Weapon Damage.
Insanity Gain Health based on Rage
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Targeting Type Self Max Targets 5 Insanity bolsters your combat prowess increasing your Health maximum by 17.5 for each point of current Rage.
The beauty of chaos and destruction can only be seen by the few who allow themselves to succumb to the their rage. Through the channeling of rage and devastation, the ability to maintain a relentless and frightening vitality occurs. Destroyers embrace their destructive ways and for this they are rewarded in combat.
In the midst of Chaos, there is also opportunity.