Dirty Fighter major Discipline



Critical Damage 5%
Damage Bonus: Enemy Low Health 5%


Powers Granted

Festering Wounds Attack: Reduce Healing; Expose on Healing
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Targeting Type Ray Max Targets 1 Range 30 Festering Wounds plagues an enemy and causes them to Bleed and suffer from Disease. For 30 seconds, the plagued enemy's Healing Modifier is reduced by $buff_amount_1$% and any Healing ability leaves them in the Exposed state.
Crazy Pills Passive: Increase Damage on Low Resource
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Crazy Pills applies Attack Power with the buff amount increasing as your Resource pool decreases.
Not everyone is a goody two shoes hero. For those who want to make sure they win, they fight dirty. Dirty Fighters kick while their opponent is down, rub dirt in the wounds, and never stop to question if it's the right thing to do. After all, they're the one that survived.
In the midst of Chaos there is also opportunity.