Strength Cap +250
Dexterity Cap +300
Intellect Cap +200
Spirit Cap +250
Constitution Cap +350
Strength +30
Constitution +60


Powers Granted

Follow-Through Passive: Increase Ranged Distance Bonus Cap
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Ranged Distance Bonus Cap: +5 Follow-Through increases your Ranged Distance Bonus Cap by 5.
Gaea's Tears Passive: Increase Critical Healing Amount
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Critical Healing Amount: 10% Gaea's Tears increases your Critical Healing Amount statistic by 10%.
Tannin Techniques Passive: Increase Leatherworking Crafting Statistics
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Leatherworking: +10 Buff 2 Leatherworking Experimentation: +10 Tannin Techniques increases your Leatherworking and Leatherworking Experimentation statistics by 10.
Trailmaster Passive: Greatly Increase Movement Speed while Out of Combat
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Out of Combat Movement Speed: 25% Trailmaster increases your Out of Combat Movement Speed by 25% after you Pathfind a trail. Pathfinding automatically happens whenever you leave combat.
Head Butt Charge Forward, Targets Suffer Knockdown
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 30 Targeting Type Rectangle Max Targets 5 Range 7 Head Butt charges you forward 20m knocking down enemies and causing 91 + 91% Weapon Damage. This crushes an enemy who is actively using Block, opening them up for attacks.
Gestalt Limited Duration See Stealthed Players
Cast Time 2 Seconds Cooldown 45 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Self Gestalt activates Shadow Sight allowing you to detect enemies in stealth for 15 seconds seconds. This power has an extremely high Perception base.
Dive Roll Dive Roll in a WASD direction
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 11 Targeting Type Self Range 10 Dive Roll rolls quickly moving you 10 meters in your WASD direction at the cost of one Dodge pip. You recover one Dodge pip every 10 seconds.

Traits Granted

Quiver Proficiency
Silent and brooding, the Elken speak mostly through gestures. They apparently keep no memory of the men they once were, but retain their intellect and, of course, their love of the hunt.