Entertainer major Discipline



Song Duration +2
Attack Power +75


Powers Granted

Bolstering Ballad Passive: Increase group Max Health with each new song.
Cast Time Passive Duration 8 seconds Targeting Type Self Bolstering Ballad increases the max hitpoints of all group members by $buff_amount_1$ for 8 seconds seconds when you use a new song.
Reprise Passive: Increases song radius
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Reprise increases the area of effect of your songs by 10.
Good entertainers are as valuable as they are hard to come by. From drums and horns on the battlefield to lutes and singers in camp, the Entertainer serves to bolster and aid the troops around them, increasing attack and health with their songs.
If you're unwilling to be vulnerable, you'll never find your power as an entertainer.