Escape Artist major Discipline



Health +500
Stamina +5


Powers Granted

Purgative Cleanse Damage Over Time with Healing
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Targeting Type Self Purgative cleanses yourself of damage over time effects healing for 14 + 5.6% Support Power for each effect removed.
Escapology Passive: Gain Increased Resolve from Control Effects
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Escapology adds 50 Resolve when you are effected by Knockdown, Stun, Blind, Suppress, Cooldown Reduction or Push effects.
Escapology is an artform that is still shrouded in mystery. An escapologist will quickly learn the ability to break free from mobility limitations, allowing avoidance of even the most obnoxious of crowd control methods. While it may seem easy to the Escape Artist, onlookers and enemies will beg to know their methods—but a magician never reveals their secrets.
No form of prison—be it chains or shackles or snares—can contain me. -Long Tom the Thief