Support Power +150
Holy Damage Bonus 2%


Powers Granted

Soul Steal Attack: Deals damage to enemies in a field, returning health
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Range 35 Soul Steal deploys a field that causes 70 + 70% Weapon Damage to enemies in the area and applies a Soul Steal counter to them each second while in the field. When the counter reaches 5 you are healed for 40% of the damage dealt to them by the field.
Blessed Symbol Passive: Increase Critical Healing Chance and Amount at low Health.
Cast Time Passive Duration 20 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Critical Healing Chance: 15% Buff 2 Critical Healing Amount: 15% Blessed Symbol increases your Critical Healing Chance by 15% and Critical Healing Amount by 15% for 20 seconds seconds when you drop below 50% health. This cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
The mythology of demons and spirits is as old as the worship of the gods. More recently, there are those who, because of the increased appearance of Thralls, have linked possessions to the spread of the Hunger. Through these theories, there has been a rise in Exorcists, individuals who use their religious clout to force out evil spirits.
Out, damned ghost! Out, I say!