Faerie Trapper major Discipline




Critical Strike 2%
Attack Power +75


Powers Granted

Concussive Trap Trap: Stuns targets
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 30 Duration 60 seconds Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Concussive Trap places a concussive trap at your feet which explodes when an enemy approaches it dealing 67 Crushing damage./n/nAll targets hit are stunned./n/nTrap will exist for 60 seconds.
Faerie Trap Passive: Traps now reduce mitigation and block stealth
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Faerie Trap adds a Physical Mitigation debuff of 20% and stealth blocker to your Concussive Trap.
A bit of a misnomer, the Faerie Trapper doesn't trap faeries themselves—they know well enough that the cousins of the Fae are nothing to be trifled with. Rather, they use faerie magics to enhance their traps and craft more powerful snares.
Knowing your prey is the most essential part of setting a proper snare.