Armor Penetration: Piercing 3%
Piercing Damage Bonus 2%


Powers Granted

Cut And Thrust Attack: Stun vs Block or Parry
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 5 Targeting Type Cone Max Targets 1 Range 6 Cut And Thrust stabs an enemy for 156 + 156% Weapon Damage.
Critical Dodge Passive: Critical Strikes Restore Dodge
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Critical Dodge recovers one Dodge when hitting critically. This effect can occur once per 30 seconds.
Though there are many schools of blade mastery, the Fencer is one of the more unique styles of swordsmanship. With a focus on stabbing and forward thrusts, they are quick to find the gaps in armor and even quicker to dodge out of the way once the blow has been delivered.
Keep your wits about you—the strike of a blade is quick and anger makes one stupid. -Fencing Adage