Field Surgeon major Discipline



Healing Bonus 3%
Critical Healing Chance 2%


Powers Granted

Rescue Target Ally Avoids Death
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Duration 10 seconds Targeting Type Reticle Max Targets 1 Range 35 Rescue averts an ally's imminent death for 10 seconds seconds preventing them from dropping below 1 Health and healing them for 210 + 84% Support Power. Recently Rescued allies may not be affected by Rescue.
Fly You Fools Passive: On Death; Barrier, Heal and buff movement Speed of your group.
Cast Time Passive Duration 10 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Movement Speed: 15% Fly You Fools grants a Movement Speed of 15% for 10 seconds seconds, heals your group for $buff_amount_2$ Health, and grants them a Barrier when you die.
Field Surgeons are the first to act in the event of a combat disaster. Quick to rescue, triage, and rehabilitate, these selfless medics are your one-stop shop for quick remedies to get you back into the action. Disclaimer: use as directed and be sure to follow up with a real physician. Satisfaction is not guaranteed and once payment has been processed there are no refunds.
Your onsite go-to for quick and easy clinical care!