Forest Creature major Discipline



Critical Healing Chance 2%
Support Power +150


Powers Granted

Pixie Dust Ground Target Area Increase Incoming Heals
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Duration 25 seconds Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Range 5 Buff Incoming Healing: 25% Pixie Dust blankets the targeted area with Pixie Dust, increasing Incoming Healing by 25% for 25 seconds seconds.
Slow Stake Field: Snares enemies
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Self Max Targets 5 Range 10 Slow Stake creates a field, Snaring any enemies in it every second for 15 seconds seconds as long as they remain near the Stake.
Whether they follow Gaea or D'Orion or the baser, wild magics that seep from the darkest parts of the wood, the Forest Creature is at home in the wilderness. Their desire to heal the forest is a boon to their allies as they can use it to support their group. Their kinship with plants also affords them twisting, tripping roots that can slow their enemies.
Whether it be the swamps of the Faewood, or the grand woodlands of Pelion: You are intruding upon my home, and I shall defend it. -Voice of the Woodlands