Barrier Bonus +100
Physical Resistance +300


Powers Granted

Sanctuary Field Increase Allies Resistances
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 23 Duration 15 seconds Targeting Type Area Max Targets 5 Range 10 Buff Resist All: +20 Sanctuary defends an area with a runic symbol increasing allies' Resist All by 20%
Overwhelming Odds Passive: Gain Resistance when Enemies Near
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Resist All: 7% Overwhelming Odds increases your Resist All stat by 7%% when three or more enemies are within 10m. This does not increase Bleed Mitigation Bonus.
Fortifiers do as they say: they fortify. Many turn to divine means to bolster barriers and grant their allies sanctuary, though some do so through more mundane means.Their defenses and resistances are highly sought after by those who find themselves outnumbered.
Your Keep's walls may have crumbled in the wake of these marauders, but I have arrived. And I do not break. -Captain Hamer