Strength Cap +250
Dexterity Cap +250
Intellect Cap +250
Spirit Cap +250
Constitution Cap +250
Strength +30


Powers Granted

Gemcutter Passive: Increase Jewelcrafting Crafting Statistics
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Jewelcrafting: +10 Buff 2 Jewelcrafting Experimentation: +10 Gemcutter increases your Jewelcrafting and Jewelcrafting Experimentation statistics by 10.
Hero's Blood Passive: Increase the Number of Slots on Power Tray
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Hero's Blood increases the amount of Power Bar Slots available to you by 1.
Pain Tolerance Passive: Reduce All Damage You Take
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Personal Damage Modifier: 3% Pain Tolerance reduces damage taken by 3%.
Past Lives Passive: Unlock a Minor Discipline Slot
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Past Lives grants and unlocks a Minor Discipline Slot.
Candle That Burns Increase Damage, Increase Resource Cost
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Targeting Type Self Candle That Burns increases your Damage Bonus by 10% while also making your powers more costly by 5% for $duration$ seconds.
Sidestep Roll in a WASD direction.
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 11 Targeting Type Self Range 10 Sidestep moves 10 meters in your WASD direction.

Traits Granted

The youngest children of Arkon, Prince of Light, and Gaea the Earth Mother.