Stoneborn race Discipline


Strength Cap +300
Dexterity Cap +150
Intellect Cap +250
Spirit Cap +250
Constitution Cap +350
Strength +30
Spirit +30
Constitution +75


Powers Granted

Blood of the Mountain Passive: Increase Incoming Heals
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Incoming Healing: 15% Blood of the Mountain increases your Incoming Healing statistic by 15%.
Coagulation Passive: Chance to Remove All Bleed Effects From You when Any Bleed is Applied
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Coagulation has a chance to instantly remove all Bleed effects on you whenever a Bleed effect is applied to you.
High Forge Apprentice Passive: Increase Blacksmithing Crafting Statistics
Cast Time Passive Targeting Type Self Buff Blacksmithing: +10 Buff 2 Blacksmithing Experimentation: +10 High Forge Apprentice increases your Blacksmithing and Blacksmithing Experimentation statistics by 10.
I Get Knocked Down Passive: Knockdown Reduction; Increase Damage and Healing after being Knocked Down
Cast Time Passive Duration 12 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Damage Bonus: 5% I Get Knocked Down reduces the length of Knockdowns you suffer by two seconds and increases Damage Bonus and Healing Bonus statistics by 5% for 12 seconds seconds after suffering a Knockdown.
Stone Skin Reduce Damage, Poison Immunity, Reduce Health Gain
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 45 Duration 6 seconds Targeting Type Self Buff Damage Reduction: 50% Stone Skin hardens your skin dramatically increasing Damage Reduction by 50% and making you Poison Immune for 6 seconds seconds, at the cost of reducing any healing done to you by 50%.
Barrel Roll Barrel Roll in a WASD direction
Cast Time Instant Cooldown 11 Targeting Type Self Range 10 Barrel Roll moves you quickly 10 meters in your WASD direction.

Traits Granted

Enchanted creatures shaped of raw earth and living tree, with skin of living stone and beards of twisted vines and earthen roots.